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Jenn serves as an objective voice and strategic thought partner to help you bridge the gap between internal and external perceptions of you and your brand. She’ll help you clarify your goals and focus your strategy into a sturdy, indispensable framework. You'll make bold, on purpose decisions that accelerate the rate at which you achieve success.


Take your career to the next level or launch a new business with the help of one of Jenn's coaching programs.

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Jenn Morgan has a rare talent and unique eye for observing what I’m working on and a way of articulating it that creates structure to move forward powerfully with my brand. Her ideas are both highly imaginative and strongly formatted to execute right away, which I appreciate. Now I stand out even more boldly and uniquely in a crowded marketplace.
— Wendy Capland, CEO Vision Quest Consulting, Boston, MA
Jenn Morgan’s cognitive associations burst like fireworks. Jenn has this way of internalizing what I’m saying, blowing it out into another dimension, and then collecting the things that are most meaningful to my brand and the people I’m trying to reach. She’s unlike any marketing person I’ve ever met. She’s a gem, and her insights on how to actualize any idea are priceless.
— Doug Headley, Software Engineer, Evident.io
Jenn is an excellent professional with significant expertise in her field. She has given me visions I never had myself. She is a visionary and can tell what her clients might be capable of even before the client has that realization.
— Tahmina Watson, Founder and CEO Watson Immigration Law, Seattle, WA
I have Jenn there to capture, encapsulate and order what we are talking about in a way that allows me to be in my creative flow. She is great at creating the structure, container and the format for me to step into and articulate the real value of what I’m creating for people. Her organic clarification processes have been tremendously helpful in preparation for the Wealthy Visionary conference, The Meaning Institute and my new book. Working with her has clarified and strengthened the unique value of my brand. Jenn Morgan is beyond brilliant—and you can quote me on that!
— Marcia Wieder, CEO of Dream University, Beverly Hills, CA


When I realized I had something to offer a broader audience, I had no idea what it meant to have a brand or niche. Many people could have helped me dig deeper into myself, but Jenn has this laser ability to strip away and say, This is it. I’m giving the largest training I’ve ever done to 400 people about the very thing she saw in me. I see a direct line between Jenn seeing it and me manifesting this experience. Everywhere I go, I’m amplifying my core essence (that she uncovered) and people are having this incredible transformational experience.
—Jeanne Supin, Change Management Consultant, Boone, NC
Jenn gets to the heart of what you're about, validates it for you, and helps you find your voice and the words to articulate it as a siren call to your ideal client.
— Julie Pierce, Creator of Julona, Mercer Island, WA



I was in the middle of two business training programs and swimming in a sea of ideas, dreams, and information about how to go about my new coaching/counseling business. I felt aimless and ineffective. Jenn helped me put the pieces together and that immediately translated into new clients. After two sessions, everything just clicked and I finally got the marketing thing. I feel like all the different ideas are coming together in a way that empowers me, clarifies my message, and points to who I'm best meant to serve. I don't feel I'm struggling to figure out what to do or who I am anymore; now it's more finding the courage to express it.

— Gemini Ferrie, Dream Relationship Coach, Los Angeles, CA

My favorite part about working with Jenn to develop my personal brand is that she has this way of distilling the information and communicating it in a way that I can connect with and own. She never says, ‘this is who I think you are.’ She says, ‘this is who you told me you are.
— Renatta Emerson, Founder of Immersion Events, Burien, WA

Jenn is a marketing shaman! She focused us on who we are and how we UNIQUELY interface with the world. Now we have a plan that we can conceive ourselves carrying out.

— Jim Papp, Co-Founder Planet Papp, Bellingham, WA


"I closed $25,000 in new business after Jenn's review of my talk. Jenn helped me tap into this vulnerable part of me that I was trying to cover up. I had this golden ah ha moment that immediately helped me connect with my audience in such a unique and compelling way."

— Adryenn Ashley, Founder of Crowded Reality, Reno, NV


"We thought we had our marketing message down, but it turned out we were way off. In one hour, Jenn showed us that our web copy was heavily focused toward individuals who could use our service, but would never buy. Instead, she recommended that we talk about how our service was beneficial to the organization as a business. This insight means the difference between creating interest in our business and turning potential clients off. With this clarity, I know exactly what to fix on our website and how to focus our entire sales and marketing strategy to zero in on those most likely to buy. Without Jenn’s advice, we might be grasping in the dark for years longer. Now we have an easy way to understand who our clients are, and where to find them. Money spent with Jenn is money well spent.”

— Adam Timm, Zen Life CEO, Los Angeles, CA


Before working with Jenn, I was over-saturated with ideas for what I wanted to do with my business. I couldn't decide where to start, so I just never started. Jenn is helping me sift through all the information and layout clear priorities. We are working in a very methodical way that has helped me see my business come to life. Instead of dreaming about what my business could be, I am planning the launch and defining a more clear voice for the brand.

— Raquel Wilson-Sow, Founder Made From Cloth, Warsaw, Poland


What a magician! In a very short period of time, Jenn was able to zero in on me, my special contribution and talents, why I was different from my competitors, and how I could stand out in my industry. I am forever grateful. Jenn is able to differentiate your brand in the ‘pea-soup’ of many companies and set you apart. She is fun, insightful, incredibly generous and an expert in her field. I highly recommend Jenn Morgan and her company, Radically Distinct, LLC.

— Marcia Martin, Internationally Renowned Speaker, Coach and Trainer, Aspen, CO

Jenn has helped me to see that my passion in life is actually the same as my vision for business. She has taken what felt like separate pieces of different puzzles and fit them together to form a cohesive picture and marketing message. I am FINALLY understanding how my work fits in (and sets itself apart) from the big picture. Whether you are a business owner, or looking to stand out from the corporate crowd, working with Jenn is a MUST. You will remain authentic AND be able to express your message and value to others. Because of the clarity and cohesive message she has helped me to develop, I am able to build a company rather than just a private practice. Jenn ROCKS!

— Heather Furby, Co-Founder of Creative Age Leadership, Petaluma, CA

I'd just finished an online marketing course and had a lot of ideas — too many ideas. And I didn't know what to do first or how to distinguish and prime myself for success. Jenn's insights helped me focus not only on the essential business aspects of marketing, positioning, income and customers, she also made sure that I was moving and growing in a direction that made my own heart sing. That made me even more enthusiastic and ambitious about my goals. The steps of her process really helped me to clarify the what, where, how and why of all that I am doing and aiming to do. Her perceptions and ideas have been so valuable to me I have had several of our sessions transcribed. I highly recommend Jenn to any entrepreneur who is feeling overwhelmed in generic marketing advice, unfocused with too many good ideas, stuck without any idea of how to move forward in the most effective way, or unsure about her worth in the marketplace. Whenever I feel those moments of doubts, Jenn gets me on that rocket to expand my view up and out. And she shows me how my perspective, ideas, experience and voice are unique and valuable. Her rocket fuel injection makes me feel sharp, directed, clear, purposeful and super excited about the trip. Jenn Morgan is as cool and fun and smart and special as that woman riding that rocket.

— Cassandra Metzger, Founder of Wellspring Stones, Washington DC