Maximize Your Brand's Power To Produce Results

The 5 pillars of The RAD Method™ work together to provide a structure for strengthening your brand. The process of developing each pillar aligns the perception you and others have of your brand. Like focusing a camera lens, developing each pillar clarifies your vision and the path to achieving it.

It's unique from other brand development methods because it helps you progressively build three key marketing skills: conversion, consistency and confidence.

Whether you’re a CEO of Fortune 500 company or the leader of your household, The RAD METHOD™ maximizes your power to produce results. 

Listen to Jenn talk about each pillar:

The RAD Method with Jenn Morgan 

Overview of how The RAD Method™ can help you maximize your power to produce results and show up in the world as your most powerful brand.

Passion — The Emotional Energy You Put Into What You Do 

In this episode of Radically Distinct Radio, Jenn Morgan and Dr. Pat go through the three aspects of passion and how having greater access to your emotional energy is the difference between dreaming about your vision of success and actually living it.

Perception — Becoming A Better CEO of Your Life & Business

In this episode of Radically Distinct Radio, Dr. Pat and Jenn Morgan discuss the second pillar of The RAD Method: Perception. You'll learn why perception is the key to the law of attraction, how to win people over to your point of view, and how to become a better CEO of your life, career and business.

Positioning: The Foundation Of Every Great Brand

In today's episode of Radically Distinct Radio, Jenn clarifies why throughout all of history the foundation of a great brand is it’s positioning strategy. We’ll also talk about why most feedback on your brand is hogwash, how to develop an effective positioning strategy and how to maximize the impact of your efforts.

Self Promotion: Key To Living A Radically Distinct Life

You can have a great plan and work ethic, but if you aren't ready, willing and able to promote yourself then you won't be able to bring your plan to life. Listen in to learn why self-promotion is paramount for producing results, how and why people dim their light over time and how to use the 3 Keys Of Confident Communication to promote yourself like a Radically Distinct pro.

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