Why work with Jenn:

Jenn is a visionary, a futurist able to identify and then process both what you are telling her and what you are not, and then using it to create the right message for your brand.

Jenn is a creative tactician with the mind of a strategist and the uncanny ability to get inside your head, think abstractly, recognize patterns, and create a game plan for quickly solving problems.

Jenn is a producer, confident and action-oriented with a disciplined approach to follow-through. At every stage in a project, she is keeping meticulous track of both the promises made and what it would take to deliver. 

Why does that matter to you?

You need — creative ideas with strategic merit that you can believe in and can realistically produce. 

Jenn uses her strategic mind and visionary foresight to articulate with exceptional clarity those muddled visions you have. Through her, you can actually see yourself doing what you envision, regarding it as a concept you can relate to and others can grasp.

Jenn has this way of internalizing what I’m saying, blowing it out into another dimension, and collecting what’s most meaningful in a way that is unlike any marketing person I’ve ever met. She’s a gem, and her insights on how to actualize any idea are priceless.
— Doug Headley, Software Engineer, Evident.io

You need — strategic planning that up levels your game and creatively connects your immediate goals and long-term objectives.

Jenn’s visionary competence and her production experience give her the capacity to make unexpected connections. This can lead to a radically different approach when it comes to shaping ideas and strategies around your specific strengths, core capabilities, and developmental goals.

Jenn is an excellent professional with significant expertise in her field. She has given me visions I never had myself. She is a visionary and can tell what her clients might be capable of even before the client has that realization.
— Tahmina Watson, Founder and CEO Watson Immigration Law

You need — to achieve new results, become a key authority in your field and establish a foundation you can learn from and build upon.

Jenn’s experience in weaving ideas into reality -- from the big budget to the budget conscious -- gives her insights into human behavior that can only be learned in the field when money and reputations are on the line.

Jenn Morgan has a rare talent and unique eye for observing what I’m working on and a way of articulating it that creates structure to move forward powerfully with my brand. Her ideas are both highly imaginative and strongly formatted to execute right away, which I appreciate. Now I stand out even more boldly and uniquely in a crowded marketplace.
— Wendy Capland, CEO Vision Quest Consulting

Jenn Morgan is a brand management expert with a knack for catalyzing consistent momentum amongst teams. She has 15 years’ experience leading the concept development and production of advertising-quality brand communications for established, world-class Fortune 500 companies, visionary entrepreneurs, smart startup teams, and mindful leaders. She is the brand strategist for 60 (and growing) personal, team and company brands worldwide in the industries of technology, healthcare, entertainment, education, politics, behavioral health, organizational design, change management and talent development. In her spare time, she works out her confidence muscles as a courageous stand up comedienne and improv performer. Jenn’s uncanny ability to identify and connect people’s needs and desires to a bigger vision of the future helps them achieve their objectives faster, easier, and with more ingenuity. She is the co-founder and director of brand strategy at Radically Distinct, a creative communication company based in Seattle, U.S.A.