Radically Distinct Brand Management| Jenn Morgan

If you’re looking for inspiration that leads to action, this is where to find it.


As your brand advisor, Jenn serves as an objective voice and strategic thought partner to help you bridge the gap between internal and external perceptions of you and your brand. She’ll help you clarify your goals and focus your strategy into a sturdy, indispensable framework for making bold yet smart decisions that attract the people and resources you need to achieve success.

Take your career to the next level or launch a new business with the help of one of Jenn's coaching programs.

Boost your bottom line and create a consistent brand presence across platforms and channels with Jenn on your team.

Engaging, educational and entertaining — Jenn's live workshops demystify brand communication and boost team productivity.


Jenn Morgan is a brand marketing consultant and personal branding specialist who can maximize your power to produce results with her Radically Distinct brand building methodology. 

She’s a trusted advisor to hundreds of creative entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate executives in over a dozen countries around the world who are living their vision of success in life, love and work. You can work with her privately in personal consultation or bring her into your company to work with your teams. Learn more about Jenn here.