Hop into the driver’s seat of your career,  confidently communicate your value & bring life to your vision with Jenn Morgan.

Jenn Morgan is a brand strategist and executive coach with 15 years’ experience building powerful brands that stand out in the mainstream market.

She will help you:

  • Develop your brand and own your authority as an industry leader
  • Engage employees and educate a loyal customer base
  • Maximize the collective potential of your executive teams
  • Build a talent-magnet culture that attracts and retains the best people

Brand Consultant:

Powerful brands are not just clever logos.

Whether you are an independent entrepreneur or a mindful leader within an organization, brand consulting will help you and your team increase your power to produce creative, effective and influential business results. From concept to delivery, Jenn will help you know your brand, play to your strengths and achieve your vision of success.

Brand Workshops:

Powerful brands are confident communicators.

Let’s be honest. Today’s marketplace is competitive and capturing attention is becoming increasingly challenging for everyone. Pushing harder or being louder won’t get you the results you seek — but strengthening your brand will. Jenn Morgan's workshops teach you how thinking like a brand increases your courage to act, enhances your self-expressive style and helps you be more creative, effective and influential.

Keynote Speaker:

Powerful brands start with the end in mind.

Jenn's keynotes help audiences get specific about what success looks like from the personal and business perspectives. Bring her into your community to strengthen the brand mindset of your culture while increasing your individual and collective power to produce results the results you seek.