Jenn Morgan — Brand Strategy Consultant

Jenn Morgan is a brand strategist, creative director and executive producer with 15 years’ experience developing brand stories that capture attention, pull people together and drive sales.

She will help you:

  • Focus your brand and marketing messages.
  • Level-up your positioning in the market and perceived status within your organization.
  • Create a consistently unique & resonate brand voice across platforms & channels.
  • Polish your sales presentation, image & attitude to maximize your capacity to influence & engage others.

Jenn Morgan's consulting services increase your power to produce results.

Jenn's story told through the successes of her clients.


An internet radio show about culture, confidence and the courage to go after what you want.

We feature people of influence & businesses that contribute to the cultural identity of their communities. Hosted by Jenn Morgan and Produced by Evan Clark. Listen below and subscribe on iTunes.

A blog about the brand mindset, leadership style and power of the creative class.

Jenn's blog focuses on how the personal and cultural perspectives of society drive & focus the business environment and how the creative industries are unifying the new economy.