Leadership Style: How to Level Up Your Personal Brand

Last year I was hired by International Hall of Fame Leadership Coach, Wendy Capland to help level up the brand strategy of her company, Vision Quest Consulting. During one of our first meetings I asked her why anyone would want to invest in the development of their leadership. Her response, “who wouldn’t want to?”

I said, "I think I am a leader, but it's never been on my radar as something to develop."

That was most likely not the response she wanted to hear from her new brand marketing strategist, so she insisted I attend Vision Quest Consulting's Women's Leadership Retreat in Newport, Rhode Island.

During the event, I spent time journaling about what leadership means to me and how focusing on it could help me level up my career.

When I tried to imagine a leader, I thought of Charlie Brown’s Teacher. This authoritative figure who delivers information that everyone needs to hear but no one was really listening to.

I didn't like that image. I felt that it was probably effecting my leadership and decided it's time to level up my definition of leader. I wanted the pictures in my mind about what makes a leader to align with the leadership style I want to portray. I left the women’s retreat inspired to re-define what leadership means to me and a list of exercises to identify my personal brand of leadership.

One year later, I'm speaking at the women's leadership retreat. I decided to prepare by sharing my list of women leaders who I admire because of their leadership style.

For the next two weeks, my blog will feature a woman with a powerful brand of leadership that inspires me to invest time in the development of my own.

Up first... The Leadership Style of Lady Gaga

Now it's your turn.

I challenge you to create a list of leaders who inspire you. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a chain of blogs referencing stylish leaders around the globe?

Blog about it, mention this post, leave your url in the comments below and I’ll add it to this article.  #womenleaders #leadershipstyle #powerfulbrand